Forestry Industrial Robotics

The safe side of productivity.

Robotic systems that adapt to the quickly changing paces of forestry mills.

Maximize Safety

Protect workers and reduce liability. Radian robots keep your mill safe by taking over high-risk jobs and doing jobs that humans simply can’t.

Increase Productivity

In your industry, time is money. Radian robots work faster and more accurately to get your product to market when your clients need it.

Minimize Downtime

Unplanned downtime costs millions of dollars each year. With an impressive 99% uptime, Radian robots keep your operation running smoothly year-round, 24/7.


The wood our robots work with…

  • OSB Panel

  • Plywood Panel

  • Dimensional Lumber

  • Engineered Lumber

  • Other Forest Products

Robotic Automation Systems

Find the right robotic system for your forestry mill.

Hot Mill Project Engineer at Novelis Oswego Works
“Radian was able to accommodate all of the project’s needs ranging from mechanical design, electrical design, programming and integration into our control systems. The robot’s automated features are a dramatic improvement in ergonomics and safety. A large portion of the project was justified based on those qualities alone. The implementation process went very smoothly throughout the entire project.”
— John Piscitelli, Hot Mill Project Engineer at Novelis Oswego Works

Ensure safety in your mill.

Many believe integrating robotics into their existing operations is both costly and complicated. That’s not the case. Radian knows your industry, and we’ve made it easy.

1. Schedule a visit.

First, one of our specialists will visit your facility to understand the challenges you’re facing.

2. Approve a proposal.

We provide you with a detailed proposal complete with accurate ROI calculations.

3. Install your system.

Our team designs, engineers and tests your system, shipping it with everything you need to install it.

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We have a new name.

As of January 2021, Tebulo Industrial Robotics (North America) is Radian Robotics.