Inner-Diameter Welder

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Spot-weld in the eye of a coil to fix inner flaps or spot-weld over the whole diameter of the eye.

The Radian Robotics Inner-Diameter Welder is a sustainable and cost-effective system designed to spot-weld in the eye of a coil so that the inner flap is fixed and does not fall back. An additional option is to spot-weld over the whole diameter of the eye so that a sleeve is redundant.

The Inner-Diameter Welder works on a standard robot for optimum mechanical reliability. The robots we use are operational in many steel plants and are specially designed to work under extreme conditions.

The robot has a specially designed head where the inner coil diameter and the head of the plate are measured by a laser. Also located in this head are the welding electrodes. After the measurement, the robot head will spot-weld the plate in several places.

Inner-Diameter Welder Features

Take advantage of a range of features…

  • Fully automatic welding
  • Flexible operation by using a standard robot
  • Reduced downtime: 99.8% availability
  • Easy installation and integration into existing or new product lines
  • Fully programmable
  • Quick replacement of standard robot components
  • Remote communication with host for data & status
  • Water-cooled welding head

Standard Specifications

Inner-Diameter Welder Specs

Type of spot-welding Twin spot
Measuring time (approx.) 7 seconds
Weld depth 2 to 3mm (0.08–0.1 inches)
Minimum coil inner diameter 420mm (17mm)
Total weight coil welder 3750 kg (8267 lbs)
Control Robot control PLC
Communication Ethernet/Profibus DP
Communication protocol Any standard
Power consumption 14 kW
Supply voltage Any standard

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